Frequently asked questions

During my experience of work as a wedding photographer I’ve heard our customers asking many similar questions… Here I’ve compiled a top 10 list of the most frequently asked ones!
What`s your photographic style?
My photographic style tends to center more on the couple itself. I always draw my inspiration from watching how they behave themselves and communicate with each other while not in front of the camera. Then I try to recreate or immediately capture those moments of sincerity on film…
Do you work only in Virginia?
No, of course I can travel all around the States and even overseas if it’s necessary to meet with your requests. Obviously, all traveling expenses, like petrol, tolls and hotel fees are included in a price tag and have an impact upon the wedding costs.I always inform my customers of all such additional expenses beforehand…
How can I make a reservation for my wedding?
You can write to me at focussity@demolink.org and then we can meet each other at a place most convenient for you. If this not applicable we can arrange contact via skype or any video conference service. So if you decide to hire me as your wedding photographer I will give you a contract that certifies and confirms all your choices. Also it will require a pre-payment on your side. The contract is based on the standard agreement that all photographers in the industry are using.
I have seen the pictures of your weddings in your blog and it is so beautiful to see how people have fun during the event. They look so happy and smiling. Are you good at seizing the moments or the weddings are naturally so much fun?
A reporting style of photography is strongly connected to what happens in reality, so it’s impossible for me as a photographer, even I was the most attentive one, to take a picture of a situation that doesn’t exist. The most diverse weddings that you saw in my blog or in those of my colleagues have been really rich in events. Surely sometimes the photographer can catch a wave, so to say, because he can anticipate or be spot on an event while it’s in the process of happening. Still if nothing happens it’s true that we can’t do too much about it. For this reason I ask the bride and groom and their guests to help me and make sure that many things could happen during the wedding event…
How important a location for the pictures quality and diversity?
It would be a lie if I would say that location doesn’t matter. By “location” I mean all the places that are a part of your wedding day…  For example, the place where the bride gets dressed, gets her makeup on and overall prepare for the wedding on it’s morning with her bridesmaids matters. If it is a gloomy, narrow room with little to no lighting, I will not be able to capture a beautiful photo there. Luminous and spacious places are essential elements in order to have high quality pictures made. Because of that is is so important to retain such aspects as lighting…
How much do I spend for a wedding photography, poughly?
Well, it’s pretty difficult to estimate a price because each wedding is a unique situation and many nuances and requirements can influence it. The cost will depend on couple’s needs. The best thing to do is to get in touch with me.
May I choose a photography album?
No doubt about it! At our studio we can offer numerous kinds of traditional albums put together with the print you prefer best!This set will include the fine art print, that is produced using a high quality, special cotton paper. It is even a bit denigrating to refer to it as to a “traditional” photograph albums because they are more similar to decorative pieces. You must absolutely see them, they are designed and created by an important firm called “5 punto 6” ( www.5punto6.it ). As I don’t like photo-books, I simply do not recommend it , I think it is not suitable to my reportage style.
Can I have the original, RAW files og the wedding photosession?
The price tag for my services always incudes both the post-processed collection of photo and all of the original, raw images right off my camera’s objective…

Do you have any other questions? If so, please Contact us.